To binge or not to binge?

It seems as though binge-watching, especially on Netflix, has become ubiquitous. I feel as though this is particularly attributed to the 15 seconds it allows you between episodes to decide whether or not you will do something with your life on that given day. I know myself well enough to conclude that prising myself away from my computer takes (most commonly) a considerable amount of time; it must be a process long enough to allow myself an adequate chance to evaluate the situation and form a plan for the day, yet also short enough so that I don’t irrationally submit to watching some shitty movie possessing a detestably low Rotten Tomatoes rating for the next two hours. Binge-watching and I understandably have a somewhat ‘love-hate’ relationship. Whilst I enjoy treating myself to half a season of Gilmore Girls, a day in front of my screen ultimately results in some level of self-loathing. I mean, there’s so much productivity waiting to be unleashed in every person, but for some reason it’s difficult to discern what I wish to do with it. And so I usually just scrap the whole idea and resort to binge-ing tv.  Art-making, reading and patting felines are several examples of activities that would be enormously better uses of my time. Yet television is more appealing to me most often. I suppose one of my (many) resolutions for 2017 is to attempt to weaken the grasp that Netflix has upon me, to essentially reduce its appeal and heighten those of creative, constructive pursuits.

I’m certainly not trying to degrade those who binge-watch, as I am one of those humans myself, but I do see positives in some time without it. Knowing me though, the next rainy day Sydney witnesses will most likely behold me gorging myself on Nutella, whilst enjoying a particularly intense (re-watched) episode of Stranger Things.



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